1: We submit 2 type of news , one by robot , one by our reporters.


2: Dolphnsix is not responsible for the news that is recorded on the website completely smartly by robot. Because all news that recorded on site is entirley intelligent.

3: All news that is submitted on site by our online reporters ,they are responsible for the news add to the website.


4: Our site just show your link on our frame or redirect users to your website.


The difference is that our site is intelligent and we  do not submit your contents on our site like msn news ,yahoo news, google news.!!!!!


5: We just submit your title with your site link (source) on the site.


6: We do not change nothing of your title , logo , brand ,photo ...


7: We do not submit your title to name our brand.because when users click on your news title they will forward to your site.


8: We just show your link on our frame with your website source on footer. or redirect users to your site.


9: We do not put our logo on your logo.

10: We submit sources under all contents.


 11: We are working with TOP news companies now.they welcomed of our site and we have many backlink of them.Most web owners send their site for us for submit by us.Because it's perfect for their site and rank.


12: Please do not send us DMCA copyright email. We submit source under all contents so DMCA is not including us.

If you send us DMCA email we never don't care to that.Because we do our work perfect and flawless.with regard to copyright.

We are a international virtual company and we have our special datacenter out of amercia.



Dolphnsix Intelligent News Agency