About Us

Dolphnsix is a specialized and entirely smart news agency. All the smart news is gathered by our smart and specialized search engine without any human interference. Dolphnsix  is not responsible for the content of any news and our online reporters are responsible for the news they add to the website.

Dolphnsix is a specialized and professional smart news agency which is entirely online and does not have any printed version. Dolphnsix is a professional and smart news agency which receives Thousands of daily news from the news websites in various languages from around the world and categorizes them using the latest and most advanced methods of artificial intelligence. It identifies the related news on the news websites and displays them in the sections of the related countries.also our reporters submit their news on dolphnsix.

Dolphnsix receives some of its news from its online reporters from around the world and displays them by mentioning their names on the website.

There is no human interference in receiving, sorting, processing and ordering the news which is received entirely smartly without need to RSS and Entirely Intelligent by Intelligent Robot.

Dolphnsix is a intelligent news robot both a news agecny

   DOLPHNSIX is the first intelligent news ageny

 Dolphnsix is now active on USA version.

In the near future we are active for 150 language and 70 country

For example, the latest special news displayed on the main pages of our website is identified and prioritized using various algorithms and then displayed to the users. Our website (Dolphnsix) helps users from all over the world with any language find their favorite news easily and quickly from thousands of news websites and news in any field.

For instance, you are a citizen of Greece or any other place. You are able to find the news related to your own country in your own language on the website.

Currently, we’re expanding the number of languages on our website and this process will carry one until the completion.

You can also see thousands of news from around the world including the biggest news websites to the most unknown by bookmarking Dolphnsix website and visiting it.